The Surface Coatings Division offers a range of resins, waxes and additives for use in a variety of applications such as Paints, Inks, Coatings & Primers (wood, plastic, metal), Care products (floor, car, cosmetics & leather), Paper (production, converting and coating), Adhesives, Can Coatings, Release Agents, Deforming Lubricants, Polymerization processing, Textiles, Citrus Fruit Coating, Road Marking, Construction, Board Production, Friction Materials, Temporary Ceramic Binders, Powder Coatings, Pre-Pregs, Intumescent Coatings. Please contact James Kolokotroni and Sheila Richardson for more information - and

  1. New Products
    1. Micronised Waxes mju:wax: various wax compounds including PE, FT, Amide, PTFE, Carnauba water-based, solvent-based & Powder Coatings
      Applications include: Printing Inks, Lacquers, Powder Coatings, Can Coatings, Wood Coatings & Paints
    2. Long-Term Corrosion Inhibitors
    3. Combined Corrosion Inhibitors
    4. Flash Rust Inhibitors
      Applications include: Paints & Coatings, Al & Zn Pigments, Flakes, Pastes and Bronzes, Metalworking & Lubricants
    5. Biocides for Metal-Working and Paints including Combined Bactericide / Fungicide, and Formaldehyde-free products

  2. General Product Type - Resins
    1. Melamine Resin - solids (& additives)
    2. Melamine Resin - aqueous & solvent-based
    3. PolyVinyl Acetate Resin - solid and solutions
    4. PolyVinyl Butyral Resin (PVB) - solids
    5. Urea Formaldehyde resins - solvent based
    6. Vinyl Copolymer resins - solids
    7. Rosin Esters (modified)
    8. Gum Rosin
    9. Fumaric resin
    10. Vinyl Acetate Homopolymers and Copolymers (aq)
    11. Acrylic and Styrene-Acrylic Copolymers (aq)
    12. Acrylics solvent-based
    13. Polyester Resins unsaturated
    14. Alkyds
  3. General Product Type - Additives
    1. Defoamers / Antifoams / De-aerators
    2. Flow & Levelling Additives
    3. Hydrophobing Additives
    4. Matting Dispersions - aqueous
    5. Pigment & Substrate Wetting Agents - aqueous and solvent-based
    6. Pigment Dispersants - aqueous & solvent-based
    7. Slip Additives - aqueous and UV
    8. Flash Rust & Corrosion Inhibitors
  4. General Product Type - Waxes
    1. Amide
    2. Aqueous Wax Emulsions, Dispersions & micro-dispersions
    3. Micronized PE, PTFE, FT, Carnauba & Amide Wax blends
    4. Montan Wax
    5. Moisture Barriers
    6. Polyethylene Wax
    7. Polypropylene Wax
    8. Wax Emulsifiers
  5. Other products available on request
    1. Acrylic Beads
    2. Adhesion Promoter (Titanium chelate complex)
    3. CAB Resins
    4. Chlorinated Resins
    5. Ketone Resins
    6. Maleic Resins
    7. Polyamide Resins
    8. Polyurethane Resins
Product Names - Ultralube, Ultraseal, Silco Sperse, Silco FLW, Silco Glide, Silco Wet Silco Phobe, Silco AF, Maprenal, Resimene, Madurit, Viamin, Hipol, Hiperesin, Hiperadd, Synthomer M, Polydisp, Polikyd, Resipur. Resicryl, Polimelt, Tergum, Redur, Tertac, Terfenol, Licowax, Ceridust