Surface Coating

At Crestchem we have over 30 year’s expertise in the distribution of surface coatings. We offer a comprehensive range of raw materials for the industry; these include products such as decorative and industrial paints, inks, varnishes and power coatings.

Whether you are looking for increased corrosion protection, increased wear resistance or are just looking to improve the aesthetics and visual appearance of your product we can supply to meet the most demanding requirements.

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    PVB Resins

    PVB Resins – Polyvinyl butyral

    PVB is a speciality resin mostly used for applications that require strong binding to the surface, PVB resins also provide flexibility and durability. Its main use is in laminated glass as a protective interlayer in automotive and architectural applications. It can also be used in printing inks, coatings, ceramics and adhesives.

    Our range is a part of the HIPOL SERIES, which are versatile resins with excellent adhesion and film forming properties. Available as 16LV, 18LV, B30 MB, B60 MB.

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    Poly Drum IBC


    Crestchem are the UK distributor for Prefere Resins, who supply a wide range of Prefere Melamine resins to the automotive, coatings, construction, packaging, paints and paper industries.

    These resins have extremely low formaldehyde emission rates and are environmentally friendly products.

    Madurit® grades are used for a range of coating applications in the metal, construction, additives, paper, laminates and textile industries. The Madurit grade is used in speciality papers, such as magazines and banknotes, as it increases the whiteness of the paper and boosts its wet strength.

    Resimene® grades are amino resin cross-linkers used in OEM, can and coil, metal, plastic, wood, textiles and rubber applications where it improves the stiffness of the rubber and increases its adhesion.

    Hypersal® additives are wetting agents used by the metal, additives, paper, laminates and textile industries.

    Maprenal® grades are amino cross-linkers used in OEM, can and coil, metal, plastic and wood applications. They are also used as a binder in textile applications and offer unique product properties, including high flame resistance, moisture resistance, and mechanical strength.

    Availability: Melamine Resins can be supplied in drums, IBCs, and bulk road tankers.

    For more information about specific grades, please contact us.

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    Ponyvinyl Acetate (PVAc)

    Crestchem supply a variety of different grades of polyvinyl acetates.

    They are thermoplastic solids with a range of molecular weights, typically supplied in the form of small beads. These polymers will achieve superior performance in a wide range of solvent-based adhesives, including hobby glues, parquet floor and laminating adhesives.

    They are also widely used in polyester composites, providing effective shrink control in specific mouldings.

    Grades Available:

    · M30

    · M35/M73

    · M40

    · M50

    · M60

    · MCT5

    · MCT5AMF

    PVA Resins – Polyvinyl Alcohol

    PVA is a synthetic polymer that is soluble in water. It is effective in film forming, emulsifying and has an adhesive quality. It is characterised with having no odour, and is resistant to grease, oils and solvents. It is ductile but strong, flexible and functions as a high oxygen and aroma barrier.

    We offer a variety of PVA resins to suit your needs, for more information please contact us

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