Lactate, the anion resulting from dissociation of lactic acid, is an intracellular metabolite of glucose. Crestchem offers a variety of Lactate products for numerous applications.

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    Lactic Acid

    Crestchem offers two forms of Lactic Acid.  D-Lactic and L-Lactic are organic acids naturally present in many foodstuffs, such as dairy products and fermented foods.

    Lactic acid has a mellow, in distinctive acidity and very little odour and is widely used as a pH regulator and to adjust sourness and acidity.

    We offer both products at 80 and 88% (Lactic Acid), but can offer custom solutions to match your requirements.

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    Calcium Lactate

    Calcium Lactate has the highest solubility of organic calcium salts used as food additives. It has little effect on taste, and is often used in sports drinks and to strengthen gels.  It helps to retain the shape of vegetables and fruits and is also used as a seasoning.

    For more information on the grades we offer, please get in touch.

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    Sodium Lactate

    Sodium lactate has a cushioning effect to stabilise the pH of foods. It is also used in many foods as a seasoning to improve flavour.

    Sodium lactate helps moisture retention and is not affected by temperature and humidity.

    For more information on our lactates and the grades and specifications that we offer, or should you wish to receive a quote, or place an order, please contact us.

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